Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fox Lies Hurting America

I'm sure we've all heard about Fox's latest stab in America's heart, but
if you haven't, you can read the entire sickening memo, below. To
condense it into a format that can be easily understood, here's what I
think it says to the Fox journalists:
Slice and Stuff in the Lies.

But, this isn't the first time we've seen the ILLEGAL Government
Propaganda in action. We all know it's illegal even though many of those
false news outlets will lie to hide their true intent. It's illegal for
the Government to have a propaganda machine, pure and simple. Yet, when
the White House wants to address the voters, they only go to their
propaganda outlet. It's illegal.

It's sick and it's illegal and Fox and Hannity and Coulter really should
be shut down for the damage they gleefully do to our country, but this
is a free country, no matter how hard Bush tries to fix that, and we
still have free speech.

So, how should America deal with a corrupt and deceitful media? How
should we convince the hate mongers that we will no longer accept their
destructive un-American ways?

As hard as it would be to really believe the opposite, but let's pretend
that there was a "Liberal Media." What if there was Liberal Hate Radio?
What would the Liberals do? They would avoid the traitors like the
plague and the monsters would move on to some other disgusting venture.

What should America do with Fox and their ilk? It does no good for the
Liberals to complain about them, just like it would do no good for the
Conservatives to complain about Liberal Hate Radio. It's has to be the
Conservatives who police and boycott their sickies just like it's up to
the Liberals to shut down the sickies on their side.

Has there ever been a successful Liberal Hate Radio show? Of course not.
Then, why are there so many successful un-American Conservative venues?
Because the Conservatives have been failing at their responsibility of
policing their own.

Talk to your Conservative friends, and remind them that it's time for
them to clean out the pool.

Now, here's the full text of the latest Fox memo:

(Note: Spelling and grammar mistakes are exactly as in the memo)

A couple of thumpees -- to use a variation of Bush's term -- speak today.
Webb has won in Virginia. The balance of power in the Senate is now
51-49 Dem (Sanders and Lieberman will organize with the D's). He'll come
out and concede. Let's take it.'

Rumsfeld had a previous speaking engagement in Kansas. He ought to be in
a fine mood. Can one fake smile hide that much frustration? We'll take
that too.

The elections and Rumsfeld's resignation were a major event, but not the
end of the world. The war on terror goes on without interruption.
Jennifer Griffin sent in info on Hamas' call for attacks on American
interests. And let's be on the lookout for any statements from the Iraqi
insurgents, who must be thrilled at the prospect of a Dem-controlled

The question of the day, and indeed for the rest of bush's term, is:
What's the Dem plan for Iraq? THis could be a very short live shot for
Jim Angle, but he'll try.

In the House, the newly empowered Dems will shed some fraternal blood
before settling in. Murtha will challenge HOyer for the leadership. A
former hawk v. a political hack. Garrett will observe.

We'll continue to work the Hamas threat to the US that came hours after
the election results. Griffin and Tobin will include in their lives.
Just because the Dems won, the war on terror isnt' over.